Week 5 Social Book Marking

Now into week 6 and trying to catch up to the course material and assignment. I set up a del.icio.us account, but struggled with the buttons being added to my browser toolbar. Yesterday, I contacted Mike, my group’s facilitator and he helped get that established. However, today they do not show on the toolbar anywhere I have looked. But I am not going to worry about doing it all again ; I will just add bookmarks the more extended way of copying urls into the box in my account. So what do I think of Social bookmarking? Well, I did experiment with looking for my topic of horseback trailriding in western Canada via delicious and Google. The outcome is that Google has many more hits, but many were not relevant, whereas the delicious one found my keywords much more concisely. Delicious found about 292 bookmarks and I found a lot of other tag keywords others used that I could utilize in the future. I can see that the social bookmark site would streamline saving time in searching again for one’s favourites or best websites and that having tags facilitates finding them again. I am still trying to figure out how to edit tags once they are in place. For instance, adding the UML_Library 2.0 tag to any of my already established tags. Whether I personally would use delicious in the future to share bookmarks with others is debatable, though I can see how others could find it beneficial to do that with their bookmarks. It is interesting to learn about the concept and understand better what people are talking about when referring to social bookmarking.


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