Twitter week

Wow, it took me awhile to figure out how to find people/groups to follow, but finally got four established. Now what do I think about Twitter? Looking through some of the tweets that folks leave behind makes me think they are pretty full of themselves ( I am not referring to the four I chose) and have a lot of time on their hands to relay what they are doing every hour or day that they feel others would want to know. It is probably a good thing one is retricted to 140 characters! However, the ones who actually link you to a site that has information that could be of interest in your work life or home life are more pertinent to me. In a library setting I think one could link patrons to library information through this network. Again though I think time and staff would be the difficulty in keeping it up to date. Certainly social networking is an interesting concept that many people seem to gravitate to these days. It does make one wonder if it all helps us as a society or actually puts up more artificial walls.


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